Young and the restless spoilers next two weeks may 11

Young and the restless spoilers next two weeks may 11: Chelsea will have a difficult time accepting that Rey is no longer a part of their lives. She’ll even have an emotional outburst in this episode, and she’ll express a wide variety of emotions when discussing her future in Y&R without Rey.

Their relationship had the potential to be more, but everything fell apart after the accident. Whatever the case was, she was condemned to suffer. Even if Rey was still alive, she’d have to face Sharon, and the war in the soap would have been terrible. So, given that we don’t have the man, battling for what may have transpired is pointless.

Chelsea has noway expressed her love for Rey, which is a commodity she regrets every day. Meanwhile, Lauren is in an analogous situation as Michael, thanks to Victor Newman’s new employment offer. She had been agonized by the possibility of Michael’s extremity during his former assignment, and she had no desire to go through it again.

As a result, she will argue with Michael and encourage him to stay as far down from Victor as possible. Lauren believes the agonies are far from finished now that Michael has come engaged with Ashland.

Young and the restless spoilers next two weeks may 11

Lauren will be upset with Michael’s response because he plans on teasing Ashland again in the cleaner series. She tries to convert him that it’s not worth it, but I misdoubt her hubby will hear her.

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While he mulls over the plan, he will run across Diane Jenkins at The Grand Phoenix, and her reappearance will probably come as a shock. Unexpectedly, we’ve them conversing about their lives and harkening to each other’s issues as if they were musketeers.

Diane tells Kyle what she really wants, while Michael opens up about his issues as a result of the Ashland incident. As a result, they’ll both appreciate your sweats to open up and say commodity about what has to be done.

Phyllis, on the other hand, will be surprised when she notices Michael and Diane conversing. She will be disappointed, and she will prompt Michael to stay as far down from the lying, manipulating lady as possible.

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Of course, she will be conservative around Diane until she learns what she truly desires in Genoa City. Phyllis and Diane may have a face-to-face battle in the coming days on Y&R, anyhow of the situation.

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