Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless

Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless? Rey died in a car accident which shows exits for Rey from the young and the restless, fans say.

Rey Rosales’s death is so shocking. I haven’t been this upset since Brad Carlton’s died saving Noah Newman.

In ‘The Young and the Restless,’ it was revealed (Y&R) that Chelsea told Sharon that she loved Rey and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. When Sharon heard this, she was not upset; rather, she felt delighted for Rey, who had been through a lot and was exhausted as a result of unpleasant love.

Why wouldn’t she back him up if he discovered the love of his life? What gives you the right to refuse? Chelsea claims that living in Genoa is too stressful for her and that she wants to go to Chicago.

Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless
Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless

And it’s there that she’s the happiest. And that was the start of a series of disasters. Rey is relieved that Connor believes in his mother’s love story. There aren’t many children who are aware of such things.

Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless: Rey and Chelsea were unexpectedly blessed with good fortune, as well as the worst of ill fortune. Rosalie’s family all shared and felt that is a life of unlucky and suffering different misfortune. Rey decided to go to Chicago and leave genoa and those were Chelsea’s plans.

He felt that was also an unreasonable chance has agreed to return to the police station to work Rey can rest in peace and leave here in the car accident caused by victoria it is possible that dew Rey broke the law and crashed into her in this matter would need to be answered by the writer but surely someone died luckily they were all wearing seat belt Conor was trapped in the car and ray was the only one who was conscious.

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Rey’s accident could jolt the city over the week and those who knew him well will be saddened. Cassie Newman’s death in a car accident has had a greater impact on Sharon’s life than any other occurrence.

The fact that Jordi was involved in a car accident so fast will definitely startle the spectators. Jordi’s death is also his farewell to Y&R. He has his own thoughts on the subject. Jordi tweeted a farewell message on his own Twitter profile before Rey Rosales died away, expressing his love and respect for his fans.

On Twitter, fans lament the death of Jordi Vilasuso, who made several contributions to the Y&R film career. Vilasuso has announced his departure from the show, but he wants to convey his gratitude as his final broadcast date approaches.

One of the many questions addressed to Jordi by the audience was, “Will he return to Young and Restless spoilers?” Many of Rey’s supporters were disappointed to see him leave, especially since it would be a bittersweet departure.

Jordi is dealing with personal issues, so he might be traveling abroad for a while. According to Y&R spoilers, Rey Rosales will make a parting plea to Sharon Rosales, asking her to seek conciliation with Nick Newman. Rey will leave Sharon a nice present in Y&R now that he has failed.

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Jordi Vilasuso appears to be no longer with us on Y&R, as Ash informs Vikki that Rey is dead on the scene. It’s probable that Young and the Restless may show some flashback video in his honored form. Alternately, brief regard of Rey the ghost on his way to heaven.

ey’s final scenes have formerly been revealed. Given Rey Rosales’s early demise, the atmosphere for unborn spoilers is ripe. Victoria, according to one source, is confronted with her new circumstances.

Is it because she’s facing a vehicular homicide charge? Is it because her unfaithful husband has decided to keep her in that remote cabin? Is it possible that Ash will demonstrate his love for Victoria by taking responsibility for Rey’s death?

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7 thoughts on “Why did they kill off Ray on young and the restless”

  1. Honestly, why did they kill off Rey and l believed he and Chelsea was gonna sleep together you could see they had feelings for each other and Victoria caused that accident and Ashland just needs to leave period and now we all know Sally is trouble l still say she gonna lie and say she’s pregnant by Adam and he just told her to much and l will never trust Sally oh Nick and Sharon gonna get closer and Devon is getting on my last nerve he just wants that baby to himself and l be so glad when Victor finds out cause Abby needs some help cause Amanda puts so much in his head about the baby and Chance done ran outta chances he just gets on my nerves and let’s face it Lily honey Billy gonna always be there for Victoria and Jack ex wife is gonna start alot of trouble she never gonna change now she is worse and Kyle gonna be upset and then he will forgive his mother l wanna know what she up too oh well see yawl.

  2. I am so damn angry they killed Rey off; how stupid! Why don’t they leave well enough! Now Sharon is back to square one AGAIN🤬

  3. I saw Ray & Sharon as the Bob & Kim from As the World Turns. I feel like he is coming back. I think the police are hiding him from some case he has been working on. Like he is getting to close & someone is going to try to kill him. Presumed dead, now would b left alone. I truly hope he comes back.
    Forget getting Nick & Sharon close again. That’s just old news & we don’t care.
    As for Chelsea, get rid of her. She is a whiney, drama queen. Boring!!
    I love Adam & Sally together. They could get into a lot of crap together. Lol
    I like the idea of Jack & Phyllis getting together, although that is a thought to reckon with. Phyllis is out there & Jack so cool.
    I hope Kyle is smart enough to stay away from Diane. I’m sorry they brought her back to the show. She is just not interesting.
    As they say, let the show go on!


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