Why did Jennifer Esposito leave NCIS

Why did Jennifer Esposito leave NCIS? Most of the fans want to know the reason why Jennifer has left the NCIS? and want to know what happened to her.

So I decided to write about it and share the information that you must need to know about Jennifer Esposito.

Well, most of the fans are upset because Mark Harmon left NCIS, and now once again it’s time to say other Characters a goodbye sadly😢.

By end of this short news, you will come to know everything about Jennifer Esposito’s leave from NCIS that you don’t know.

why did Jennifer Esposito leave NCIS
Why did Jennifer Esposito leave NCIS

But, Who is Jennifer? Jennifer Esposito is an actor and author from the United States. She has worked in many movies some of the most famous and popular movies are Summer of Sam, Don’t Say a Word, Taxi, and Welcome to Collinwood.

Jennifer played the role of Alexandra “Alex” Quinn, who is a former Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Special Agent who spent a year as a member of the NCIS Los Angeles in the American TV show.

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Now the most important question that is asked by the friend is Why did Jennifer Esposito leave NCIS? The Reason why Jennifer left NCIS is that According to Deadline, Esposito’s leaving can be due to the fact that her character was established by former “NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg. Before his death in the NCIS Los Angeles The American Television show wants to continue without Jennifer Esposito in a new creative direction without Esposito’s Alexandra Quinn.

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Well, what other reason could be for her leave from NCIS, and Is the statement true by the Deadline? do let us know in the comment box.

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