What happened to victoria on the young and the restless

What happened to victoria on the young and the restless: Victoria (Amelia Heinle) finally persuaded Ashland (Robert Newman) to tell her the truth – he did, in fact, fake his disease. The whole thing began off as something different, but he ended up falling deeply in love with Victoria. Ashland loves victoria She genuinely questioned it.

Victoria is willing to wager that Ashland has no notion of what the term “love” implies. Ashland claimed that he did and that if she kicked him out, he’d be a completely lost man when he walked through the door. Victoria had no sympathy for her lying liar of a husband, which was unsurprising.

What happened to victoria on the young and the restless

What happened to victoria on the young and the restless? Ashland’s entire life consisted of lying to her over and over again. Victoria declared the war to be over for all time. Ashland didn’t trust her when she stated she didn’t care what happened to the liar. He pleaded with Victoria to start anew with him, but she stated that she intended to do so without him. For what it’s worth, Ashland did express regret to her.

What happened to victoria on the young and the restless
What happened to victoria on the young and the restless

At Newman-Locke, Ashland is stupefied when Victoria asks, Ashland “ Did you really suppose that I would run down with you after everything you put me through?

She told him what she wanted to hear so he’d subscribe to the agreement j to get him out of this company and her life. he didn’t question it. He reaches for her, but she pulls down. Victoria tells him she was lying these once many days. All those passions he’s having now of treason and demotion — she knows them. “ It’s your turn now.”

Rey sneaks up to Sharon’s neck at Crimson Lights, and she admires his sharp jacket. Sharon has yet to see Chelsea or Connor. Rey thanks her for agreeing to the plan; many women would not allow a man to spend the night outside of town.

The most essential thing, according to Sharon, is that Connor has a good time. Chelsea and Connor make an appearance. The youngster is ecstatic that Rey would be attending the hockey game. Chelsea makes a joke about convoying,’ and is relieved that Rey is familiar with the sport. Sharon appears to be a little uneasy.

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor that his idea was effective because of his father’s support. Victor concurs that they make an excellent platoon. They scotch, and Victor reminds Adam that right now, his interests should be compassion for his family, not competition.

He believes Adam should be relieved to be free of the sonofabitch. Victoria deserves credit for her toughness, but Adam realizes that changing history will take time.

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They retained everything Locke brought into the intersection, he reminds his father. For under $ 500 million, they nearly doubled their net worth, which is a steal. Victor chuckles as he considers how impacts play out on occasion.

Victoria asks Ashland at Newman if he thinks she’s an idiot. Locke doesn’t say anything, but he wonders if she would have forgiven him if he had spoken honestly. He allowed that she might assume he’d been set up in her heart. “That’s why you continued lying?”

Victoria inquires. Ashland was hesitating in the hopes of preserving their future. Victoria is stunned and shouts out that they can’t possibly have a future after what he’s done! If it means going off without her, Ashland doesn’t care about the plutocrat or the freedom.

Victoria scoffs at him for being such a kind husband to the end, and she begs him to admit how he abused her.

At Newman Media, Victor updates the family that Ashland has left the structure alone. Hopefully, Victoria’s done with him formerly and for all.

In her office, Victoria hides the print of her and Ashland, and also takes down her portrayal and smashes it over a statue on the table. She throws it to the bottom and runs out.

When Nikki, Victor, Adam, and Nick enter Victoria’s office, Nikki cries aloud at the ruined portrait. Adam believes it’s the result of someone in excruciating pain.

Nick calls Victoria and discovers that she has left the parking garage. They decide to go out for a meal, but Adam refuses.

Victoria drives fast and wipes her tears away in her automobile.
Nick informs his folks he’ll meet them at the restaurant when they get to Newman.

He leaves, and Nikki expresses her concern to Victor, saying that she wants to assist her daughter in getting through this. Adam phones Sally at Newman Media to share some exciting news.

His strategy worked, and thanks to him, Ashland was on his way out of town. It wasn’t the right time to push for the CEO position, but after the dust settles, he’ll bring it up. They make plans to meet.

Sharon begs Rey to phone her when he arrives in Chicago at Crimson Lights so she knows he’s safe. He’s got Connor to look after. Chelsea’s brows are raised when Sharon plants a kiss on him.

Rey discovers he left the tickets in his other jacket and informs Chelsea and Connor that he’ll go home and collect them before returning. He pecks Sharon once more. “See you soon,” he says as he walks away. Chelsea and Connor go to the patio to wait for Rey to return.

When Nick arrives at the coffee shop, he gives Sharon an update on Ashland and Victoria. She’s relieved they won’t be dealing with him for much longer. Nick claims Adam went above and beyond for the family, but he believes it will be difficult to remove him from his position as CEO.

He foresees another shambles on the horizon. “I hope not,” Sharon adds, casting a glance at Connor.

“Sally?” He receives a note that tells him to relax and celebrate his accomplishment since she’ll be back soon. Adam pours a glass of gamesome and holds it aloft. ” Here’s to a new day.

Victoria decides to contact her mother while driving and puts her on speakerphone. Victoria declines Nikki’s invitation to join them at Society. She doesn’t believe anything will ever be the same again. She talks of adoring Ashland, who made a fool of her, distraught. “No, everything will not be fine!”

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