What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful

What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful? Most Finn fans are worried because something mysterious has happened in his life, but Is really Finn dead?

I know that most of you have already heard the news that Finn is leaving the bold and the beautiful but what reason could be for his leaving.

As we all know that Steffy is pregnant so she has left the Bold and the beautiful but the way she was killed on the bold and the beautiful.

What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful
What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful

Most of the Fans say that because she just had three babies and maybe she wants to spend time with her children I mean nobody should be upset about that.

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First, if you going to take Finn off let Steffy and Liam be together and let Taylor and Ridge be together I so tired of the Logan hoes inspecting Brooke jumping in the bed with all the Forrest men and her daughter manna’s her sister man she doing too much and always getting way her and Ridge should never be together she needs a break to give her Lil lips a break and stop crying for all the disrespectful stuff she been doing kissing ex’s her father in law have babies with all the Forrest they need to let her be alone for a while let Taylor be happy and Steffy to Hope it like her mom under cover so it would be better if y’all start something new Qwen need to chill out also carter need to really slow down messing with sisters and messing with his boss wife disgusting

what they could do is …when Finn’s mom came and she said she would take care of the funeral, and went down to the Morga he could have been alive, that has happened in real life. Finn also knows no one. His mom leaves town with him and puts him in another hospital to heal and it takes him months to remember everything, by this time Steffy is coming back from vacation with the 2 kids that they went on so she could heal and try to go on with life. but it would be her Maternity leave. They all happen to come back together at the house and he remembers that his mom shot them and she goes to jail.

Stephanie did a great job today. Her tears were so real they made me cry 😢. I hope Bell decides to let Finn stay on. Let Finn be at another hospital. Speaking of crying I have not seen Shelia shed one tear. All she does is squint her eyes. Not the best actress. I’m also sick of Brooke and Hope.

As I posted before let Ridge and Taylor stay together. I will say this is just a Soap and Brooke does a good job acting. Just let her find someone else and not Eric. Oh but I forgot she’s already been married to Eric and slept with everybody on the show. How about Bill Spencer. 🤔 Bell give them another chance. Do they deserve each other?

Well, what do other Finns say? I think that Finn should come back. Steffy can’t leave because she is the best one to play the role of Steffy. Please offer her whatever it takes to keep her. Finn needs to come back because we’re tired of the Steffy, Liam, and Hope storyline.

The most important question is will Finn be back to the bold and the beautiful? If yes then when he will be back.

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Hope you understood What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful, what do you think, will Finn return?

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3 thoughts on “What happened to Finn on the bold and the beautiful”

  1. Well, Remember that Taylor had left her entire family, and Brooke was blindsided by Sheila or she wld still be with Ridge. How the family ganged up on Brooke was terrible, did she stand a chance against all those people. Hope is lovely, and belongs with Liam, Remember how she stood by him when he was in jail?
    He shld not be with Steffy, and stay with Hope. Disappointed in Ridge, he really abandoned Brooke unfairly


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