Young and restless cast member dies

Sad moment for every young and the restless fans , you all might be very upset because your favorite character is no more 

Well I know that you all might be sad because you have been watching them since Childhood. 

There are lots of Young nd The Restless fans who have been watching the show since their childhood😢, this could really make them cry😓

But Which member has dies? Well before letting you the name. Share something about them.

Well we keep watching The Y&R but have we ever remember the member who is past away?

Most probably most of you forgot them, when I asked few fans of the Y&R they said they don't even remember the name

Jerry Douglas, do you remember him. He portrayed the cast of The John Abbott for more than 27 years. 

Michael Tylo, Do you remember him? She Portrayed the  "Guiding Light"

Well there are many other member who you forget very easily and you don't remember