Who is leaving general hospital in 2022

There are lots of casts that are leaving the general hospital or will leave GH this year,

here you will find a complete list of the cast who is leaving General hospital in 2022.

I know that you all are upset because of seeing your favorite cast leaving the general Hospital which is a really sad moment for you.

Well, I was also upset and sad because I have seen my favorite cast leaving General Hospital in 2022, which made me cry.

I know that you will be unhappy to see someone on the list who is leaving general hospital in 2022

1. Steve Burton 2. Amelie McClain 3. Nancy Lee Grahn

4. Leslie Charleson 5. Sydney Mikayla 6. Sean Blakemore

7. O’Neill Monahan 8. Wes Ramsey 9. Jane Elliot 10. Kelly Monaco

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