The young and the restless Imani pretend to be pregnant

Shocking news for  Elena because Imani pretends to be pregnant with Nate, Sad moment for Elena 

This news made extremely concerned about her husband Nate because of what was going on was extremely bad

Will Nate confessed her mistake to her wife Elena for making Imani pregnant, Whose mistake or fault do you think?

Nate will soon confessed everything to his wife Elena because he doesn't want to hide any secret

Nate went to bed with Imani which is shocking and sed news for Elena because for any wife this is considered to be one of the saddest moment

Elena loves Nate very much but will this be the hardest moment of the Elena's life, will she overcome? 

As we know that Imani also loves Nate, so this could not be any shocking news for her to get pregnant