Robinhood crypto shiba inu

Finally good news for Shiba inu coin holder because robinhood has listed shiba inu coin and it is among 4 crypto to be listed

Well, Shiba Inu coin was considered to be a joke but now it is no more a jokae as it has been listed on Robinhood Crypto Exchange

As it has been added on Robinhood the Shiba Inu coin price can increase because now Robinhood user can buy them very easily

Most of the Robinhood User was requesting for adding Shiba Inu Coin on its platform as this crypto can give a huge return in future.

As soon as the Shiba Inu Coin added to Robinhood , the price of the coin has jumped more than 12% in just 24 hours

What do you think about Shiba Inu Coin? Will it be able to overtake Dogecoin and will it be able to fulfill the expectation of the Investor?

Well Guys the price keep falling down and keep raising but what do you all think about this coin will it be able to give a huge return in future?