Pokemon go silent schemes rewards

Pokemon Go Silent Schemes Stage 3 Updated from 15 Rocket Radar to 1 Rocket Radar

Pokeoon Go released 6 stage research in the game as a part of  All-Hands Rocket Retreat events. 

To earn rewards on Pokemon Go you all need to complete all the Six Stage .

Note each  stage has different task that you need to complete, every stage has  different task and reward.

Niantic and Pokemon Go decided to change things at the last minute and make the community angry

So, what’s the change that all players are talking about and saying it’s unfair to make such a last-minute change?

Earlier when Player completed  3rd stage they was rewarded 15 Radar Rocket reward  but they will get 1 Rocket radar by completing 3rd stage.

Many Players are not happy for the last minute change .

To note that Silent Schemes Research is available starting from April 3, 2022, at 12 AM local time.