kyle and summer young and the restless

On their wedding, Summer and Kyle were having a nice time in Milan with their son Harrison.

Kyle had no choice but to return when he learned of his long-deceased mother's survival.

Summer has returned to the canvas as a result of this. And, in light of the current situation, they have decided to remain in Genoa City.

And, as a result of Diane's malicious manipulation, they will undoubtedly face a new hurdle in their marriage.

Summer and Kyle are sure to run into some major issues, and if they don't address them, they could end up in a stunning breakup.

Summer has disclosed that they won't be leaving anytime soon, so they'll have to make some life-altering decisions in the days ahead.

Well Ashland is unhappy with Kyle because they are taking back their son named Harrison, who is cute boy in the young and restless