Is hetty coming back to ncis

Most of the fans want to know that is Hetty coming back to ncis? 

Hetty is one of the best character that I loved the most in NCIS and I am sure you also loved it.

But the most confusing question is that when she is coming back to NCIS?

But wait, who is Hetty? Hetty is a fictional character in the NCIS portrayed by Linda Hunt.

Lydia Susanna "Linda" Hunt is a theatre and movie actress from the United States. She made her cinematic debut in Popeye as Mrs. Oxheart.

Well Is Hetty coming back to NCIS? The answer is yes Hetty is coming back to NCIS in 2022, according to rumors

I am sure that you all are excited to welcome Hetty once again,  Is she is your favorite character.