Funeral the young and the restless: Rey Exits

As we all know that Jordi Vilasuso portrayed a Rey Rosales character, which is a memorable character in the Young and The Restless TV show

Every fan of The Young and The Restless wants to know why Rey Rosales is leaving the show and who will replace him?💁

Most of the fans might be upset that Rey Rosales is leaving the show but what is the reason behind it and who will replace him in The Young & The Restless.

Before discussing Is Rey leaving the young and the restless let's talk about who is Jordi Vilasuso, I know that most of you don't know much about him

American-Cuban Actor🤗, he is well known for the role or character he portrayed in The Y&R as Rey Rosales.

He was born on June 15, 1981, in Miami, Florida. and as of now, he is 40 years old.

Do you know that when Rey Rosales debuted in the Y&R🤔? If not then worry, Jordi was portrayed on

But what happened to Jordi Vilasuso? Jordi Vilasuso was fired😢 from his role as Rey Roslale on CBS daytime.

The Y&R show recently signed a contract with the actor for three years.