actor on young sheldon

Most of young Sheldon fans wants to know their favorite cast name.

Young Sheldon is one of the best TV show I have ever watch, I like this show because it is one of the best show ever.

But wait before starting today story, I want to know something. Do you also love this show?

There are more than 31 cast in the Young Sheldon. I know the name of more than 10 cast, how many cast do you remember? 

Without wasting much time lets begin with today short story

Iain Armitage – as Sheldon Cooper Zoe Perry – as Mary Cooper Montana Jordan – as Georgie Cooper

Raegan Revord – as Missy Cooper Jim Parsons – as Sheldon Cooper Wallace Shawn – as Dr. John Sturgis

Wyatt McClure – as Billy Sparks Matt Hobby – as Pastor Jeff Ryan Phuong – as Tam

Doc Farrow – as Coach Wilkins Craig T. Nelson – as Coach Dale Ballard Melissa Peterman – as Brenda Sparks

Rex Linn – as Principal Petersen Ed Begley Jr. – as Dr. Linkletter Brian Stepanek

Well there are few more cast that I have mentioned on my official website.