Victor blamed Ashland for Victoria accident: Sharon and victoria

Victor blamed Ashland for Victoria accident: Victor blamed Ashland for the car crash in Victoria, But why and what happened to Victoria?

Victor’s Wrath has threatened Ashland Locke for his role. Victor doesn’t want that Ashland Locke to take part in young and restless. According to me When the murder inquiry begins, everyone will be afraid and everyone will be curious to know who is the killer and who has planned to kill victoria accident. As we know the murder mystery is still being investigated and who has planned this accident the name of that person we will know after the investigation. here is what we know thus far.

As we have seen in the last episode Nick was so upset that once he said that he said he will kill Ashland.

Victor blamed Ashland for Victoria accident
Victor blamed Ashland for Victoria accident

Sharon and Victoria had been through its death together and its death together. Sharon and Victoria their relationship was said to be quite close but after ray died it was Vicki who caused it the story has gone in a completely different direction Rey runs away from life. Vicky he must alone die unfortunately Sharon married ray out of pity everyone knows that she had an affair with Adam on her wedding night with Rey and even before that Sharon married ray because Adam didn’t want to marry her she wanted revenge.  

Rey tried so much he wanted to change everything to make sure and understand how sincere he is but, in the end, it failed Sharon has witnessed her loved ones suffer accidents such as cassie faith and now Rey I don’t know if the writer has any intensions but why to let him be in such an unlucky situation an evil tragedy for our good cop please stop this may be an intention to chance to replace Rey’s current working position Rey’s role on the show is also is so meager and unclear look at Paul he’s been on the show for over 20 years and now he’s being treated like a stranger.

Victoria has become a completely new version of herself of her since meeting Ashland the worst things happen to her unexpectedly and irreplaceable  Sharon can absolutely sue Vicki to court and get her compensation as well as go to jail but we’ll share and do the same to her the two used to be so close nick wants to settle this matter peacefully he will mediate between the two Victoria compensate accepts compensation and Sharon will forget this loss no one expected this accident to happen.

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Sharon and Victoria need to sit down and talk about how well the two talks after this how will Ashlyn get involved in this did he abandon his wife to chase after the illusion of nothingness ray’s death is so sad he’d rather be sent away like Paul and have chance to come back later this is the end of the character something few have ever done the writers was too strong-willed removing characters they felt had no future here just because of pushing up the climax of the couple Ashland and Victoria the writer was ready to change a plan that was too big and make us regret

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  1. First of all, Rey n finn should have stayed, n steffy n liam is so boring. Isnt anyone happy. The b&b is getting to so off track, i have to say, i wont be seeing it anymore!!!


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