The young and the restless spoilers: Cassie Haunts Nick and Sharon

The young and the restless spoilers for today: Sharon and Nick Newman will catch a glimpse of Mariah and Tessa as they go down the aisle and reflect on the future of their child, Cassie, whom they tragically lost in a car accident.

Mariah recently spoke with Nick about the upcoming wedding, even questioning whether he was willing to walk down the aisle. He would be delighted to follow up, but it will also trigger painful memories.

Those events will spark his saddest moments of not being suitable to give Cassie the same experience. Sharon and Tessa will have the same discussion away, and Sharon has agreed to walk her down the aisle.

Unfortunately, this will remind Cassie of her tragedy, and she’ll be devastated. Rey’s recent tragedy has also brought back recollections of her departed son. As a result, the couple’s marriage festivity will be painful for both Nick and Sharon, as they will recall their lost son.

The young and the restless spoilers: Cassie Haunts Nick and Sharon

Despite this, the children will inherit a happy family and the prospect of a long life together from their parents. We can conclude that this plot has a commodity to do with Cassie’s early death and that there will really be some surprises in store.

During the weeks leading up to the marriage, Sharon and Nick will witness a series of hassles with a ghost. It would be more respectable if Cassie showed up at Mariah and Tessa’s marriage day in a dream. Indeed if it’s in the guise of a ghost, they’ll be thrilled if they can see Cassie again.

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Whether or not they’re given the occasion to talk is another matter, but seeing their departed son will offer them delight.

Likewise, in light of Sharon’s sadness and the pens’ attempts to reunite her with Nick, this could be another step in the right way. Sharon was agonized and constantly weeping over the tragedy she had endured.

Her family and Nick, of course, are doing everything they can to help her deal with the situation. This marriage, on the other hand, will remind her and Nick of Cassie’s suffering, which, indeed if it’s just their fantasy, will bring some solace in fate.

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