The cast of NCIS Los Angeles: Los Angeles Cast 2022

The cast of NCIS Los Angeles: We loved watching NCIS, but do you really remember the Cast name? I am sure that most of you don’t remember.

We only remember the name of a few cast names are popular, today in this short article we will share with you the cast name of NCIS Los Angeles.

Well by the end of this article you will find all the cast member name that is appeared on the NCIS Los Angeles

The cast of NCIS Los Angeles

The cast of NCIS Los Angeles: Los Angeles Cast 2022
The cast of NCIS Los Angeles – Los Angeles Cast 2022

Here is the few cast member name that I am going to share, The cast of NCIS Los Angeles:

  1. “G” Callen
  2. Sam Hanna
  3. Henrietta “Hetty” Lange
  4. Kensi Blye
  5. Fatima Namazi
  6. Devin Roundtree
  7. Retired Admiral Hollis Kilbride

Well above is the list of the cast of NCIS Los Angeles, let us know more about the cast’s personal life.

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“G” Callen

Chris O’Donnell – Chris 0’Donnell is a Special Agent G. Callen, and he is also an expert in covert work, and the character is played by Chris O’Donnell in NCIS American television show Chris O’Donnell made his debut in Paul Brickman’s” Men Do not Leave, “as Jessica Lange’s wayward son, Character.

Sam Hanna

LL COOL J – On”NCIS Los Angeles Cool J portrays Special Agent Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL with moxie in West Asian culture.

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LL COOL J, a two-time Grammy Award winner, and an NAACP Image Award philanthropist.

According to NPR, LL Cool J erected his fame as a rapper LL Cool J was famous in the 1990s for his fantastic work done in music. He was the rap musician to be recognized by the Kennedy Canter for performing his music in the United States.

Henrietta “Hetty” Lange

Linda Hunt – Linda Hunt has started her career as Hetty Lange, the chief of NCIS’ Los Angeles in the American television show and she played the character as an Office of Special Projects.

Hunt was the character who won many Awards on “NCIS: Los Angeles,”Hunt has also won an Oscar award for her performance as Billy Kwan in “The Year of Living Dangerously,” according to USA Today we got to know.

Kensi Blye

Daniela Ruah-Daniela Ruah is an actress who lives in the United States and is best known for her role as NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye in the NCIS Los Angeles American television show

Daniela Ruah has also worked on Portuguese TV shows, and nowadays he is working on NCIS Los Angeles American television show

Fatima Namazi

Medalion Rahimi-Medalion Rahimi is a first who is also known as Iranian-American. Medalion Rahimi was born in Los Angeles, California in the united states. she was very curious about modeling and She started modeling when she was just four years child her mother requested her to enroll her in music and dance lessons to learn music and Dance but Medalion started doing modeling. She has not listened to her mother she follows her own instruction whatever she likes doing.

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Medalion Rahimi grew up in Los Angeles. She also enjoys reading books and Novel is also interested in Modeling doing fashion, doing art, and photography she also likes to listen to music and she also likes to dance.

Devin Roundtree

Caleb Castille- Caleb Castille was famous for season 12 of NCIS Los Angeles in the American Television show, Caleb Castille was born in 1991 in Columbus in the United States.

Castille was cast as the lead actor in the football scenes of the film”Woodlawn,” and Caleb Castille was happy to take part football scene.

Retired Admiral Hollis Kilbride

Gerald McRaney – Gerald McRaney is a retired US Navy Admiral.

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