Is Sonny leaving General Hospital in 2022 – Really leaving?

Is Sonny leaving general hospital: Is Sonny really leaving the general hospital if yes then what reason could be for leaving the general hospital?

As we know in General Hospital, Sonny is a fictional character and the character is portrayed by Maurice Benard on August 13, 1993.

But wait who is Maurice? Maurice Benard is an American actor. who has played the role of a manic-depressive mob lord who is living in Port Charles. And his spouse’s name is Paula Smith.

A lot of characters from General Hospital have left the show. and we are seeing that most of our favourite character from GH is alose leaving the show

In the next episode, though, Jason jumped into the sea to save Sonny. However, as the clip progresses, it is revealed that Jason is unable to find Sonny and that a corpse bag has been discovered.

Is Sonny leaving General Hospital in 2022
Is Sonny leaving General Hospital in 2022

But the most important question in our minds comes out Is Sonny leaving General hospital? Well before answering this, you should know the reason for leaving the general hospital.

We have seen many characters leaving the general Hospital Nowadays, in the last blog where I have discussed Carly leaving the general hospital or not, where you have given lots of love to the article.

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As a result, viewers began to worry if Sonny was dead and if he would ever return to the program.

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Because no matter how difficult a situation the mob kingpin finds himself. kingpin always finds the solution to get out of it! As we know that Sonny first appeared at General Hospital in August 1993, and actor Maurice Benard has always played him. And also we know that Sony is a fictional character.

Maurice Benard has received nine Daytime Emmy Award nominations and three wins.

Sonny was first seen running a strip club. He came involved with Karen Wexler and came to her heroin addict. His love for Brenda Barrett, on the other hand, truly took off.

Sonny, was working on security for Miguel Morez in Puerto Rico, was maddened when the songster flirted with Brenda, but he ultimately won her heart. Sonny took over the group after Luke Spencer assassinated Frank.

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Lily, Miguel, Sonny, and Brenda were abducted by Frank’s associate, Hernando Rivera, but they were suitable to escape, and Sonny faked leaving the cabal.

Sonny isn’t dead yet, according to Distractify. According to site reports, Sonny will wake up at some point and have no recollection of who he is or what he has done.

He’ll have amnesia, and the show will pick up where he left off with his character. When it comes to the gang leader plot, Jason is expected to assume the reins now that Sonny is out of the way.

The next few episodes will show how things change and will continue an intriguing storyline with Sonny as the central character.

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28 thoughts on “Is Sonny leaving General Hospital in 2022 – Really leaving?”

    • PLEASE,PLEASE , PLEASE DON’T write off Sonny ,Carly . I’m a BIG , BIG fan for 20 + Year’s . Also PLEASE hurry and bring Jason back . I’m a very dedicated viewer and FAN of Maurice , Steve ,Laura . I just want to express my LOVE for the show . 😍😍😍❤❤❤

    • me too, especially if Sonny leaves General Hospital, I am not watching it anymore, they already don’t have Jason the storyline are getting boring

      • I started watching General Hospital when I was just 14 years old in the 7th grade, 1974. I’ve been a fan for 48 years. I and millions and millions of fans want Jason Morgan to come back, THE TIME IS NOW!
        Quit stalling and bring him back! I’m proud of being a long time loyal fan. However, if Sonny or Carly leave the show and Jason isn’t back…. I’m done!

  1. If Sonny and Carly leave GH , “ I’M DONE “ There won’t be any reason to keep watching it! FANS like me will be DONE with it….. it’s Bad enough Jason is gone again . ABC needs to get their S _ _ T together………. WE want the 3 SOAP THREEO’S back !!! 🧍🏻‍♂️👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

  2. If Carly leaves General hospital I won’t be watching it anymore after 50 years…They already messes up with Jason leaving and seeing Sonny and Nina together is so gross 😝 Not only that Sonny’s Character is so weak and dumb,he’s not tough and sexy like before…Him and Carly are so good together

  3. I’ve been watching general hospital for decades and I love Sonny in his old roll but this road that they have him now is not sonny so if he leave he won’t be missed because it’s not the same person anymore they totally changed his character and everything so goodbye

  4. With Jason gone, I almost quit watching.
    If Sonny leaves and Carly. I’m done !
    After 50 yrs!!!
    I’m with the rest of the people that made comments.
    GH won’t be a good soap if all of the main cast members leave!!!

  5. I think some of the main people might be leaving because they added a lot of new people a lot of long story lines and the main people are standing around with nothing to do just waiting for their couple seconds to be on the show

  6. I have been watching GH from the beginning! I am a decated fan.
    Please don’t let Bernard retire!
    I miss Steve Burton,I wished he would come back.


  7. If Sonny leaves that it for me. Hope Nina fine’s out the truth.Hope Sonny wake up to who Nina truly is.

  8. I love GH, but a lot has change. Sonny is not really him, and it’s really sad. Please reunite Sonny and Carly, they are the Best!!! Bring Jason back. Nina did some real damage and no consequences. I don’t want leave GH. but if things don’t change I will stop watching it…😔😔


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