Is Rey leaving the young and the restless

Is Rey leaving the young and the restless? As we all know that Jordi Vilasuso portrayed a Rey Rosales character, which is a memorable character in the Young and The Restless TV show for the past few years😊.

Every fan of The Young and The Restless wants to know why Rey Rosales is leaving the show and who will replace him?💁

Most of the fans might be upset that Rey Rosales is leaving the show but what is the reason behind it and who will replace him in The Young & The Restless.

Before discussing Is Rey leaving the young and the restless let’s talk about who is Jordi Vilasuso, I know that most of you don’t know much about him

Is Rey leaving the young and the restless
Is Rey leaving the young and the restless?

Jordi Vilasuso is an American-Cuban Actor🤗, he is well known for the role or character he portrayed in The Y&R as Rey Rosales. He was born on June 15, 1981, in Miami, Florida. and as of now, he is 40 years old.

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He has also known for the role he played on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light as Tony Santons, he also played Griffin Castilo on All My Children.

Do you know that when Rey Rosales debuted in the Y&R🤔? If not then worry, Jordi was portrayed on

But what happened to Jordi Vilasuso? Jordi Vilasuso was fired😢 from his role as Rey Roslale on CBS daytime. The Y&R show recently signed a contract with the actor for three years. As a result, he was surprised that he will drop the show. His contract provided 6 monthly evaluations. This is the reason why the Y&R show decided to let him go despite he was having a contract for a long time.

Jordi Vilasuso tweet

Meanwhile, Jordi has expressed his gratitude for The Y&R shows in his Twitter by saying that “Being part of the Rosales family was a beautiful chapter in my career”, he also added that I was proud to represent my culture on daytime #1 drama.

But wait do you know he will be back again, yes you heard it correct, he also tweeted something which can shock you😲😲

Jordi Vislasuso said that As this door closes, others will and have opened.

So Ray supposes to be leaving on the 18. So will he be headed back to Miami… Or will something happen to him?

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What do fans say about Ray?

I’m so sorry to have him go this way😢. The writers never gave him a good storyline.

Well, I am sure that you have checked my last article where I have mentioned Victoria, Ashland, and other Character who is leaving the show. So don’t forget to check it out.

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20 thoughts on “Is Rey leaving the young and the restless”

  1. I’m very sad how they ended Reys part. I’ve enjoyed his story. If not broke why fix . Im very disappointed. The ratings will definitely go down. Why fire a big part of this story? You made a big mistake.

    • it is very sad and ridiculous that they let him go! He was one of the nice guys on the show! I liked his character a lot! I hope it hurts its ratings! They did not do him right! He had just signed a 3 year contract! there will be a huge void left in the show! It was a STUPID move!!!!!

  2. I enjoy Rey on the show. You’ll didn’t give enough story lines. I”m missed him
    He is a very good actor. Bring him back😭😭😭

  3. Yeah.What she said bring him back.He earnes it.I feel 4 Sharon.I like the fact that she’s not sleeping with every body.She has changed.Now what u could do is 2. GET RID OF VICTORIA

  4. I hate to see him go. You guys need to figure out a way to bring his character back. I cried so much. I wish you would stop focusing on Victoria. It’s getting old.

  5. Ray is a good guy heartbroken to see him leave he was good for sharon I will truly miss him he was a good actor 😢

  6. Rey was a good addition to the show, hated to see him go! Sally is the one that should have left instead. Writers get your act together and give the show new story lines.

    • Ray was a good balance for the show there are so many deceptive people and he always stood true and honest. It does not make sense at this time to remove him. As for Sally she adds the spice to the show she wants to do good and be good and I think she’s an interesting character I think that her part can add a lot to the show.

  7. Will miss Rey character very much. His ex wife, Mia, was a kick! Hated to see her go, also. Victoria character is not a strong, resilent woman the family keeps saying. She is kind of flaky.

  8. Yes, get rid of Sally! She is a trouble maker and a phony!!I doubt that they will ever get rid of Victoria, she has been in there for long! I am tired of her too! She thinks she owns Newman Enterprises! I wished Victor would bring her down off her high horse!!!


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