Is hunter king leaving The Young and the Restless

Is hunter king leaving The Young and the Restless? Most of the fans want to know why Hunter is king is leaving and who is replacing hunter king in the young and the restless?

Well guys I am sure that you have already heard that Hunter king is leaving the young and the restless but why she is leaving and what is the reason behind it.

Is hunter king leaving The Young and the Restless

As we all know that Hunter King Portrayed the role of Kyle Abbott’s wife but now Hunter king is going to be replaced by Allison Lanier, Yes you heard it right.

Well, Who is Hunter King? Hunter King is an American Actress who Portrayed the role of Summer Newman in the young and the restless.

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But who is replacing Hunter King? Hunter King is going to be replaced by Allison Lanier, who is an American actress.

Do you know Who is Allison Lanier? As I told that Allison is an American Actress, Allison is known for Red Oaks (2014), Mia (2019), and Fish Bones (2018).

Well, the guy what is the reason, Why Hunter king has left the young and the restless? Kyle Abbott is set to return to Genoa City beginning Monday, April 25 with Michael Mealor reprising the role. 

Let’s see what fans say?

Fans 1: I will miss Hunter King I thought she was a very good actress

Fans 2: Didn’t like Hunter King for her first several years, then as she matured and became a better person, she grew on me. I do and will miss Hunter and at the same time, I wish Allison the best! Welcome, Allison,

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Well, Guy what do you think will Allison Lanier be able to act like Hunter King, do let us know in the comment box.

38 thoughts on “Is hunter king leaving The Young and the Restless”

    • Yes Hunter was Great keep her on. I believe Finn may be alive hiding him thats a good story line this way they will still have sheila for attempt murder

  1. Love Hinter King
    Also why did Rey have to leave
    Who’s writing these story lines OMG!!!. I’m so fed up with all the back and forth with Steffy and Liam relationship. Come on now!!! Enough already!!

    • I agree. If this is how it’s going to go. I’m done with this show. The story lines always go back to the same old stuff. Rey and Finn were such a breath of fresh air

  2. I totally agree Annabelle Smith!!! The writers don’t want anyone to be happy in a marriage. Steffy is a strong women and will be able to handle anything that comes her way. I feel for her baby Haze.

    • I agree to same over and over need new writers these can’t remember anything new get someone that can need a change or new soap take it’s place .

  3. So tired of Steffi, Liam,and the other chick going around and around in their relationship. Taylor is crazy. I don’t like Ridge’s Ex however she’s right. Steffi would be told that he is not hers. Come on now make it realistic.

  4. Yes, I agree let Steffy and Liam go getting old no need to put them back together.
    Let Hope and Liam be happy. Writers need to come up with a better plot. Tired of the same old plot back and forth.

  5. Many of my favorite scenes is when they go back years/decades with 2 or more characters & it’s still the same faces. With the changes happening so extremely often now … that’s not going to be possible 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Sorry to see another good guy Y&R (Ray) leave as well. Sharon playing her part so good though.
    B&B .. Finn dying another show disappointment. And this Steffy thing .. & her repeated line about ‘my family’w/Liam. Soooo old. HaHa could be a drinking game.
    I’ve been turning TV off

    I’m generally a happy person but the above sure doesn’t look like it. Sorry.. but 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m finding other things to go do now though. So that’s a good thing

  6. I am glad that Hunter King is leaving Y & R she was just too much and never liked her. Rey should of not been killed off her was a stable and Sharon and Nick should never get back together. I have watched this show since 1974 but the writers they have now are terrible.

  7. Why did Hunter King leave the young and the restless and why is her character summer Newman being recasted with new actress Allison Lanier? Also why did tanner novlan leave the bold and the beautiful? Why was his character Finn killed off?

  8. Bring back Hunter King with Kyle! Please! Rey wasn’t that great—him and Sharon didn’t have any spark whatsoever! Replacing Hunter King with someone else is a mistake “young and the restless”isn’t going to be the same without Hunter!! Get rid of the two lesbians! They are two weird actresses that sound so fake. I forgot the name of the female with black hair she is a horrible actress does not fit the role whatsoever the way she talks.


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