Diane Jenkins the young and the restless: Diane Kidnap Harrison?

Diane Jenkins the young and the restless: Hey have you watched what happened to the young and the restless? You must be wondering what will happen as Diane Jenkins Kidnaps Harrison, Who has helped Harrison?

Are you confused about what happened? If yes then don’t worry here you will get all the information about Diane Jenkins in the young and the restless.

Well, most of you are aware that who is Diane Jenkins and most of you don’t know who is she? so before starting let’s introduce you to who is Diane Jenkins?

Diane Jenkins is a Fictional Character in the CBS show The Young and the Restless. The Role is portrayed by Susan Walter at starting the Dinae Role was portrayed by Alex Donnelley but due to some problems, the role was given to Susan for 2 days but later it became a long term contract.

As you all know that Diane Jenkins has been returning to the show recently after 17 years, and finally the wait was over for the fans to see the Fictional Character.

Well, How old is Susan Walter? Susan Walter is 58 years, she was born on September 28, 1963.

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Diane Jenkins the young and the restless: All you need to know

Role Name: Diane Jenkins

Real Name: Susan Walter

Age: 58 Yrs (Sept. 28, 1963)

Husband Name: Linden Ashby

Children: Grace Ashby

But the most important question asked by the fans is why Diane Jenkins is back? and How she was alive.

Diane Jenkins the young and the restless
Diane Jenkins the young and the restless

Jack is agreed to tell about Diane’s (Susan Walters) return to Kyle(Michael Mealor) and Diane Jenkins has convinced that she will be able to win her baby back.

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The Y&R spoiler tease that Kyle Abbott(Michael Mealor) will return for an emotional Diane Jenkins(Susan Walters) reunion.

This distraught mother will beg her son to forgive her heinous deception, but the most interesting thing that will be is how Kyle will react?

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Kyle will be able to understand Diane’s statement that she never stopped loving her son now that he is a father to Harrison.

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers, Diane will have to prove her trustworthiness, but Kyle has a generous heart and is willing to start over.

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